A Step-by-Step "FREE" Handholding Guide plus Video Training Series to Build & Launch your

First Converting Lead Generation Funnel

  • No Experience Needed (Beginner Friendly)
  • No Need to be a Tech Savvy
  • One Must be Curious & Coachable
  • One Must be a Fast Action Taker
  • Language: HINDI

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“Turn-On” an Endless Stream of
HOT Leads for your Business !

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Here Is What You'll Learn Inside!

Have a System in Place that helps you to Attract Continuous Leads for your Business 


Build a Solid Foundation for your First Lead Generation Funnel

  • Why is it Important to Collect Leads and Build your Own Email List?
  • How can you generate leads and build your own list?
  • Dream Customer Analysis
  • Know your Competitors and Industry Leaders Inside-Out


Create a Good Valuable Lead Magnet

  • Lead Magnet Ideas to Attract 1000s Leads for your Business
  • Characteristics of a Good Lead Magnet
  • Results a Lead Magnet Can help people Achieve
  • Framework for Creation of a Valuable Lead Magnet


Build your First Converting Lead Generation Funnel 

  • Strategy Behind a Converting Lead Generation Funnel
  • How to create a converting Landing Page Copy?
  • Lead Generation Funnel Creation & Set-up Process


Create your Follow-Up Sequence 

  • 5-Day Auto-Responder Sequence
  • Daily Email Sequence for Building Long-Term Relationship with your Audience
  • Set-up of the Email Automation System


Launch & Drive Traffic to your Lead Generation Funnel

  • Essentials Assets Required for Driving Traffic to your Funnel
  • Content Framework for your Long Form Video, Audio & Written Content [YouTube, Podcast & Blog Posts]

“Turn-On” an Endless Stream of HOT Leads for your Business !

About Us

Don’t Turn your Learning to Knowledge, you’ll become a FOOL Let your learning turn to Action, you’ll become Wealthy

This quote by Jim Rohn sums up of what Abundance Ankit is stands for. 

Hi I am Ankit Kumar creator of the above Course & Guide who started Abundance Ankit in order to use my knowledge, skills & interest and help people Attract Abundance  in their life by creating multiple streams of recurring income building their own Abundance HUB on the Internet.

I believe in, in a quote of Zig Ziglar i.e “You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want"

This is my motto and every piece of content and digital assets like my Courses, YouTube Videos, Blogs, Social Media Content are being created keeping in mind this only.

I am an engineer turned Digital Geek. I Started my Digital Marketing  Journey from my blog on 16 June 2020 to share my knowledge & regular learnings for new Digital Marketers to learn and grow in this field.

Now I have transformed it to creating abundance in everyone’s life who gets associated with me and in process attract abundance in my life.

So you might be thinking why you should trust me?

Your concern is real. There are greater marketers and coaches out there who could help you.

But I believe in Learn, Implement, and Share Methodology i.e doing all these things simultaneously. By following this you can grow faster.

And why not share the journey rather than just focusing on results. Focus on your work and the result will follow.

Also “Your Vibe attracts your Tribe” and so will mine.

So here I am ready to change my future and that of others as well.

I hope you are too.

Join me on this amazing journey of transformation. I am sure you won’t regret it.

“Turn-On” an Endless Stream of HOT Leads for your Business !

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